Our Story

Co-founder Guugly Wuugly

The story started on an evening with my wife and I shopping online for good quality clothes for my daughter Sia. Subconsciously for us parents, this is a major issue when we buy affordable clothes, we somewhere know they won’t last more than 3-4 washes and if we buy an expensive one, our kid will outgrow it.Trying to find really nice clothes took us almost 3 hours, searching marketplaces, multiple brands and Instagram brands, however, in the end, we settled for an expensive one with good quality, after all, it was for my daughter.
That struggle kept bothering me the entire night, I woke my wife up and said I want to build a brand that solves our problem, makes good quality clothing that are priced appropriately for parents like us. I still remember, she saying “you seem to be stuck on it, Itna seriously kya le rahe ho, sojao, kal office bhi hai.”


co-founder Guugly Wuugly

The same night I called Himanshu, my brother & Co-founder, and said “Listen, I have this idea….. what do you think about it”, as far as I remember, he said “let’s do it Bhaiya!”
That night, Guugly Wuugly was born, with the vision of making the best for our kids and to be the best quality kids wear brand in India.
Himanshu, coming from a marketing background and I from an IT background, had no clue about fashion designing, all we knew was we did not want to follow any trend like other brands, we will make what we parents would want our kids to wear. Super Soft Fabric, no chemicals involved, designs in form of stories and most importantly Comfortable to wear.


Himanshu and I, travelled for 3000 km, down south starting Pune to Bangalore to Hosur to Coimbatore to Mumbai, meeting 60+ manufacturers, studying cotton, knitting, understanding the process of how cloths are dyed, printed and stitched. Finding the right recipe to what we wanted to make.
Finally, after the whole process of learning designing, understanding our recipe of making quality products, researching for over 9 months we crossed our first huddle of understanding the industry. Our journey so far has been a roller coaster ride but we are very positive and determined to achieve what we started as a problem solver for my wife and I, an amazing story telling brand, known for its quality clothing for our little kids.


Guugly Wuugly is not just a brand, it is an emotion and a story we wish to tell the kids through our products to inspire them and provide them with utmost comfort. We wanted to be known for our stories and our quality.
Guugly Wuugly is for parents like us and kids like Sia (my daughter).